Who Owns Bentley Motor Company

Who Owns Bentley Motor Company?

Bentley Motor Company, synonymous with luxury and elegance, has a fascinating history of ownership. Let’s delve into the key players and transitions that have shaped the destiny of this prestigious brand.

The Early Foundations

Bentley’s inception dates back to the early 20th century. Founded by Walter Owen Bentley, the brand quickly gained recognition for its performance-oriented vehicles. However, the ownership journey took a turn over the years.

Rolls-Royce Era

In 1931, Bentley faced financial challenges and entered the hands of Rolls-Royce. This era marked a period of collaboration and shared technologies, influencing Bentley’s design and engineering.

Vickers Ownership

The ownership baton passed to Vickers plc in 1980, bringing about a shift in Bentley’s strategy. Under Vickers, the brand underwent modernization and a renewed focus on craftsmanship.

who owns bentley motor company

Volkswagen’s Takeover

In 1998, Bentley experienced a monumental change as Volkswagen acquired the brand. This acquisition injected new life into Bentley, leading to the development of iconic models like the Continental GT.

Present-Day Ownership

As of our latest update in 2023, Bentley remains under the Volkswagen Group’s umbrella. Explore how this affiliation continues to influence Bentley’s design philosophy and market presence.

Unveiling the ownership journey of Bentley Motor Company provides a richer understanding of its evolution. From its humble beginnings to the present, the transitions have contributed to Bentley’s enduring legacy.

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